How it all started

It was years ago that my husband brought up spanking, he wanted to spank me. I was a little surprised but we tried it anyway. He spanked me, then I spanked him. They were very light playful spankings, we didn’t really know what we were doing.

I wasn’t to thrilled about being spanked. He however kinda liked it and wanted more. I really didn’t care for it at first, I would spank him but only because he asked me and I would do anything for him even if I really didn’t think it would be a positive thing in our relationship.

I would like to think that I’m open minded and non judgmental but because of past experiences with abuse I couldn’t wrap my head around it at first. I always thought of spanking as abuse, so hearing my husband tell me about his interest in spanking kinda shocked me. Due to my feelings about spanking I didn’t really understand why my husband liked it so much. I didn’t understand why for a long time.

After years of long conversations and spankings, I started to understand that the spanking that he wanted was coming from a loving, caring and nurturing place.

I started reading and learning about spanking and being more dominant. At the time in my life wasn’t feeling very confident about myself and I got more and more into spanking mostly because of the confidence I got and while I spanked him. He was going to listen to me which was something I wasn’t getting from other parts of our relationship.

Today I feel that spanking has helped our relationship. I have become more confident in my life and feel better about myself since I started taking spanking more seriously.


Happy Valentine’s Day! Now Bend Over



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I decided to give hubby a light fun Valentine’s Day spanking, dressed in a black dress and a pair of red thigh highs, then I spread cute hearts and rose petals all over the bed.

Sitting on the bed waiting, I could tell he was excited, I pulled him over my lap and started smacking his boxer cover bottom lightly and gradually smacking harder.

I gave him a few smacks on each side as I pulled his boxers out of the way, then I just pulled them down, spanking him as nicely as I thought possible for me anyway.

Next I tied his wrist together with this cute valentines neck tie, and spanked him until his cute bum was a really nice shade of pink. I could tell that he was enjoying it.

I made him lay face down on the bed and sat on his back while I spanked him a little bit harder, just enough to make him squirm but I also wanted his cock to stay hard. His bottom was very pink by now.

I untied his wrists and had him turn over, and decided to have a lil fun of my own, I used the neck tie to wrap around his cock and balls.

I got on top of him, with my thong covered pussy in his face and played with his tied up cock. Pulling and tugging at the tie, teasing him I slowly took the tie off his pulsating cock and lightly whipped his cock with it.

I finally removed my thong got back on top of him and had him lick my pussy while I stroked his cock till we both cummed.

Happy Valentine’s



Surprise! Hand Spanking

Earlier today I surprised hubby by taking him over my lap for a spanking. He’s been kinda annoying me the last few days, not coming to bed at night and sleeping in every morning.

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I had him take his pants off and told him to come over. I grabbed his arm pulled him over my lap.

Started giving him some slow firm smacks with his boxers on for a few minutes,

I pulled one side of his boxers up to see how red his ass would be, it was a nice pink. I gave him a few smacks while pulling his boxers up.

I then made him stand up and remove his boxers and return back over my lap so I could finish his spanking.

I was really hoping my hairbrush was near by, my hand hurt a bit after awhile. I’ll have to make sure I remember to use it next time.