Are ping pong paddles a good implement for a spanking?

Unfortunately this particular one did not seem to hold up.

He thought he was being cute by giving my ass a slap when I wasn’t expecting it. After the third random smack on my bottom which really is annoying most times. I pulled him in the room locked it.

Thought perfect time to use this ping pong paddle I picked up awhile ago.I always wanted to try one since seeing a video with one being used. I swatted his bare bottom ten times with both sides of the paddle. Continuing to smack his bare bottom harder and harder each time. 

I stop counting always forget anyways. I like to go with how it feels and most times it’s as if he could take what ever I give him. His ass was nice and pink after a quick five minute spanking. I had him kneel on the floor as I stood over his back and swung with more force after the fourth smack the handle on the paddle snapped.