Spanked for Sleeping In

After spanking him bare handed and scolding him “Your always sleeping in, it’s time for me to teach you a lesson”… “Sleeping in when I don’t get to”

I grabbed a pillow placed it under him to prop his bare bottom up higher, I got out my belt and scolded him some more “Let’s see if you sleep in after this spanking”. It was feeling good to get it all out I was enjoying using this belt and smacking him over and over again for all the times he sleeps in while I’m doing everything. My arm was tiring so I finally stopped.
“Now let’s see if you wake up tomorrow”

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Special Spanking & Fun Weekend

To celebrate our 12th anniversary we stayed at a beautiful hotel with quite a breath taking view of the city. 

We had fun practicing our video making and capturing great photos. Also great for giving him commands and giving punishments when he doesn’t listen. And lucky I packed my bags with all the right things just in case he didn’t follow my rules.

 Here’s what I brought with me.