A Good Morning Spanking

My husband needed to get up a little earlier than usual that morning. So I decided to wake him up with a quick morning spanking.
I walked in the room over to the bed pulled the blankets off of him and started smacking his boxer covered bottom. He started squirming so I got on top off him to hold him down.
I removed his boxers and had him kneel on the bed. I smacked each cheek slowly with a firm swat, as I kept spanking his all ready pink bottom I noticed myself in the mirror. 

I was enjoying the view so I may have gotten a little carried away with how long and hard I spanked him for.

His bottom now rosy red, I rubbed and massaged his sore spots for a few minutes.

I started again lightly smacking his bottom just above the sit spots but this time I used my other hand to massage his balls. It didn’t take long before his cock was hard and throbbing, I jerked him off as I lightly spanked him, just teasing. Then I stopped and reminded him that he needed to leave.

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3 thoughts on “A Good Morning Spanking

  1. Now that is what I call a wake up call. Very hot ma’am. Hope you put that hard on to good use later.
    Thanks for sharing. Amazingly erotic

  2. That is so deliciously torturous. I love how you got him all aroused and just left him hanging.

    How long did you make him wait after this until he was allowed to cum?

  3. One of my all time great fantasies is to have my wife do exactly the same thing! Thanks for the pics — you got him nicely red. Better than coffee, for sure!

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