A Quick Morning Spanking

Had some fun this morning when my husband bent over the kitchen chair. I started giving him a hand spanking then quickly found myself looking for something better, I really wanted my wooden hair brush. But I couldn’t find it so I decided to search around the kitchen. I found a few things..a plastic spatula, icing spatula and a plastic hair brush.

The spatula that I use for flipping hamburgers had a good whack to it although the bend in it doesn’t really give you a good angle to deliver a nice smack it still served it’s purpose. Now the icing spatula is longer like a ruler the outside is made of silicone and the inside feels like a piece of metal not sure what it is but it has a very hard smack that will leave welts. Last I found  a  pink plastic hairbrush.  Out of the three the icing spatula had him wimpering and the plastic hairbrush kinda surprised me I may use that in a video, I like the all the sounds he makes with each smack..ouch

5 thoughts on “A Quick Morning Spanking

  1. Having been ‘spatula -ed’ a few times I can testify to the effectiveness of them. Nicely done.

  2. I bend Tim over a chair almost all of the time but I like using my jokari paddle on him like that

  3. Lovely way to start the morning, at least for the spanker. Cindy sometimes uses the wooden soup stirrer, and it is extremely effective. The spanking certainly solves my grumpiness that sometimes occurs in the morning.
    bottoms up

    • It is a very good way to start the morning especially for me actually, I make sure he’s a good boy for the day or else back over the knee he goes.

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