A Spanking Before Company Comes Over

I needed to make sure my husband was going to behave tonight while we have some guests over for dinner. So right before their arrival I pulled hubby into the dining room bent him over the chair. I started spanking him over his pants with my hand, telling him to be on his best behaviour or else I will spank him in front of everyone.

I stepped away to retrieve my round paddle. This was my way of really making sure he is a good boy. I spanked him a few times over his pants with the paddle then finally removed his pants spanked him some more with my bare hand then slowly pulled his boxers down to his ankles.Spanked him again with my bare hand then started with the paddle again but this time I paddled him slowly with a firm smack several times getting progressively faster and harder.

After five minutes or so, I told him to stand straight up that’s when I sat on the chair and pulled his arm leading him over my lap. Again I started reminding him of what’s to come if he does not behave while we are entertaining guests at our home. I could hear his soft little whimpering and could tell he was holding back the tears. It was satisfying to hear so I finished his spanking with a hug and told him I loved him.

3 thoughts on “A Spanking Before Company Comes Over

  1. I would never take a bare paddling from my wife if others were coming–I deserve it when she finally has to do it but it is private so no one else knows—-Since its just between the two of us no reason for any shame or embarrassment—just a sore bare butt! i quick shower and then get it as i bend over and hold bottom of tub and i get what i deserve and it sure hurts—-Do other guys require absolute privacy and secrecy as i do???

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