Husband Spanked in the Nude

As a result of my husbands rude behaviour, I punish him with a severe paddling to his bottom. He’s told to remove his clothing and reminded to move in a quicker manner. I start by giving him a warm up with my bare hand then I retrieve my long paddle.

With a firm grip and strong swings I continually smack his bare ass with my large paddle. I make him bend over, reminding him what happens to rude boys as I spank him thoroughly. After a few minutes of hard swatting while he’s bent over I can hear how it’s starting to take effect but I don’t let up.

After his bottom is looking very bright red and white circles on both cheeks, I tell him to stand back up making sure I didn’t break the skin. I wasn’t ready for the spanking to be over yet so I continued spanking his bottom some more trying to hit faster and with more strength. After a few minutes I was satisfied, I could see bruises already starting. Maybe he’ll think twice about being rude next time?

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Where we are now

A small follow up to my post

How it all Started

Years ago my husband was brave enough to share his thoughts and feelings about spanking, that was tough for him, and I’ll admit it was difficult for me to hear at the time. It did however lead to a conversation about spanking (and many more). After countless spankings I’ve realized our communication is better then ever. I’m so thankful he opened up to me it has given us a stronger connection together.

The results of these bare bottom spankings have been so wonderful.
My husband is more attentive to my needs than ever, loves to please me in anyway possible whether it’s doing a few chores, drawing me a bath or some special attention, although he does need reminders from time to time.

Honestly I don’t ever see myself not putting my husband over my knee, I may enjoy it more than him at this point.

A Spanking Before Company Comes Over

I needed to make sure my husband was going to behave tonight while we have some guests over for dinner. So right before their arrival I pulled hubby into the dining room bent him over the chair. I started spanking him over his pants with my hand, telling him to be on his best behaviour or else I will spank him in front of everyone.

I stepped away to retrieve my round paddle. This was my way of really making sure he is a good boy. I spanked him a few times over his pants with the paddle then finally removed his pants spanked him some more with my bare hand then slowly pulled his boxers down to his ankles.Spanked him again with my bare hand then started with the paddle again but this time I paddled him slowly with a firm smack several times getting progressively faster and harder.

After five minutes or so, I told him to stand straight up that’s when I sat on the chair and pulled his arm leading him over my lap. Again I started reminding him of what’s to come if he does not behave while we are entertaining guests at our home. I could hear his soft little whimpering and could tell he was holding back the tears. It was satisfying to hear so I finished his spanking with a hug and told him I loved him.

I Broke My Paddle

I sent my husband to the corner for his regular maintenance spanking, this time I decided to use a chair to have him bend over. Better for keeping him in position and I like to keep him on his toes. I bought this paddle a month or two ago and needed to try it.

I started off slow but firm after a good five minutes I could feel the paddle starting to get weak and just as I suspected one smack then another and that’s when the paddle broke. I picked up the broken paddle thought it could still work, there was enough left for me to hold and keep spanking him. 
So I continued two or three smacks later it broke again, shocked I picked the paddle up determined that I could still use it, I tried again and that’s when the paddle broken for the third time! I just couldn’t believe it. Next time I’ll just have to use something that won’t break. Right?

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Round Wooden Paddle Spanking

I gave my husband a spanking with my round wooden paddle earlier today. I had him bend over a chair still clothed and started giving him some firm swats on his bottom with my bare hand.  Then I walked away and came back with this nice wooden round paddle that I firmly start smacking his ass with it.

After at least 10 swats to both cheeks I pulled down his pants. He was wearing these cute tight boxers that barely kept his bum in, especially when he was bent over. I noticed his bottom was already turning a nice pink shade as I kept paddling him again and again.

I pulled his boxers down all the way down to his ankles. I continued smacking his ass but to try something new I switched sides, I only spank with my right hand so I tried a right handed back hand swing which wow has him squirm and move around. I had him stand so I could sit on the chair put him over my lap and finish the spanking without him moving. I took these pictures about 4 hours after his spanking. 


A Good Morning Spanking

My husband needed to get up a little earlier than usual that morning. So I decided to wake him up with a quick morning spanking.
I walked in the room over to the bed pulled the blankets off of him and started smacking his boxer covered bottom. He started squirming so I got on top off him to hold him down.
I removed his boxers and had him kneel on the bed. I smacked each cheek slowly with a firm swat, as I kept spanking his all ready pink bottom I noticed myself in the mirror. 

I was enjoying the view so I may have gotten a little carried away with how long and hard I spanked him for.

His bottom now rosy red, I rubbed and massaged his sore spots for a few minutes.

I started again lightly smacking his bottom just above the sit spots but this time I used my other hand to massage his balls. It didn’t take long before his cock was hard and throbbing, I jerked him off as I lightly spanked him, just teasing. Then I stopped and reminded him that he needed to leave.

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