Spanking & Music

I’m a huge fan of all types of music it has helped get me through some tough times and made some good times even better. So when I found this music video called “Hear My Name” a song by Armand Van Helden it brought a smile and confused look to my face when I first watched it.
The video starts of with this guys outside of a Manson with a paper that says 4:30 on it. Inside the place shows two women sitting on chairs awaiting his arrival in a room. Showing the man her lap she called him over and starts spanking his clothed bottom. Then the maid walks in the room and is called over by the other women and she starts spanking the maid. As the video goes on more and more people are lining up to get spanked. It’s was amazing they just kept spanking ass after ass at one point it showed the women in the video (Mary Louise Platt and Nicole Lambardi) spanking two or three bottoms at a time. I was impressed by the video, great idea made me jealous, very hot sexy video.

I was kinda unsure of writing my thoughts on this music video because of the lyrics and how I found them hard to understand and couldn’t make sense of the meaning behind the words. It would be a dream come true if I could recreate this video. I’d change the lyrics a little and have more realistic and harder spankings.

Song Lyrics

You’ve been through it all
Nothing has to change
Take it all – the pain in me
But what if that’s all there is?
A-a-a-all the way and we would
A-a-a-all the way and we would
Are you all there is in my heart
It does believe that you are – just my age
Here my mind is empty
Oh nobody comes away
Here time is ending
Here I’m gonna stay
Hear my name
Doesn’t anybody want to play
Hear my name
Can anybody find a way
Say my name now baby
Loud and clear
Say my name now baby
Say it so I can hear your voice
All I want to do is get next to you
All I want to do is get next to you
All I want to do is get next to you
Here my mind is empty
Oh nobody…

Bent Over The Dining Room Table

My husband quickly realized his ass was going to get more attention then his cock. After a warm up with my bare hand, I got out my leather paddle (which I don’t have any more, I needed to throw it away due to a stain, of blood….oops.) I gave a smack to both cheeks and got his bottom to turn a nice shade of pink, I loved how each smack with the leather paddle made him twitch and wiggle made me wanna keep going.

But I decided he had enough with that and was ready for what he likes to call his favorite, the belt. I love getting a reaction out of him and the belt gives me that. Unfortunately the old belt in this video was difficult to hold and swing because it had this metal buckle, that I would have to wrap around my hand for a better grip and length. Luckily I have upgraded my collection and now have a better selection of belts.

After a few swats with the belt was ready to use the short cane. He has always mentioned a cane so we decided on this small one to test it out, I thought he took it well but I might have taking it easy on him.

Spanking An erection away

And so it happened, I grabbed his hard cock pulled him over my lap tucked his throbbing cock between my legs squeezing making sure he knows there’s no way he can move without hurting himself. Feeling confident that he wasn’t gonna move I start smacking his bottom with my paddle.  After ten light smacks his bottom turned pink and could already feel his cock was only half hard now, I thought wow it’s not gonna take long before he’s in tears wishing he didn’t just say I should maybe jerk him off or suck it.

Visit To A Kinky Market

Went to a kinky market for the first time yesterday. So happy that we were able to go because we missed the last one. There weren’t that many vendors but we still found somethings that we liked, I bought two new toys a leather strap and a tawse both from kgkink. 
Last night I got to test them out a bit on hubbys bottom. I’m very happy with them both so far wow, I really love how the leather strap can make this crisp snapping sound when you snap it. It’s got great force I realized I got a little carried away when he says “thought you were just testing it out” yea, I was enjoying it to much I was supposed to count in my head when I started but I really wanted to keep going. I stopped cause I still needed to test the tawse.
So the tawse I was excited about this one when I heard it was a type they used to use back in the day in school for naughty children. I new we needed to have this in our collection. After A few swats I was smiling ear to ear his bottom couldn’t stay still and every time I gave him another whack I’d hear ouch ,I didn’t wanna stop. This tawse maybe a new favourite of mine.


Come to Bed!

Come to Bed!

I went up to bed a little earlier then usual, he told me be up in fifteen minutes.I joked about timing him saying if he was any longer I’d owe him a spanking.

To be honest I was taking my time and just did my normal bed time routine, when i finished I sat on the bed and took a look at the clock.

After about ten minutes of waiting, I felt earned himself a good spanking.

I waited till I finally heard the noise of his foot steps walking up the stairs and down the hallway towards the bathroom. He sees me right before he enters the bathroom  shocked I’m still awake even more shocked I’m sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. (Click Image to view the slideshow)



My submissive husband

I told him to shave and after inspecting his body I felt a little unsatisfied. Commanding him to get on the bed, “kneel on your hands and knees” His shaving job was good, I just needed to spank him for taking so long to do it.  

I spanked each cheek 20 swats each reminding him ” I like it shaved no hair, keep it like that!”

I had him crawl closer to the end of the bed, led him by the hair to my pussy rubbing and commanding him to lick, suck “finger me please”..

“Get on your back” I shoved my clit in his face and rubbed it as hard as I could telling him “stick your fingers in my holes” his cock throbbing in my face. I was having fun teasing his balls and cock with my tongue and mouth until I was too focused on having a orgasm from my clit being rubbed by his mouth and the pounding of fingers in my ass and pussy.

After feeling satisfied I held his arms down with my legs as I stroked and teased him till he blew a load all over himself.

Spanked for Sleeping In

After spanking him bare handed and scolding him “Your always sleeping in, it’s time for me to teach you a lesson”… “Sleeping in when I don’t get to”

I grabbed a pillow placed it under him to prop his bare bottom up higher, I got out my belt and scolded him some more “Let’s see if you sleep in after this spanking”. It was feeling good to get it all out I was enjoying using this belt and smacking him over and over again for all the times he sleeps in while I’m doing everything. My arm was tiring so I finally stopped.
“Now let’s see if you wake up tomorrow”

Click the link below to see the whole gallery

Special Spanking & Fun Weekend

To celebrate our 12th anniversary we stayed at a beautiful hotel with quite a breath taking view of the city. 

We had fun practicing our video making and capturing great photos. Also great for giving him commands and giving punishments when he doesn’t listen. And lucky I packed my bags with all the right things just in case he didn’t follow my rules.

 Here’s what I brought with me.

Arrested husband gets Spanked 

Still feeling angry about earlier that day when he made a rude comment towards me that made me feel like I didn’t matter, I was ready to make him pay!!

I gave him instructions earlier a time and place to be there or else!

So I dressed up as a cop… waiting in the room, As soon as he entered the room I grabbed his arms forced them against the wall command him to spread his legs. Stripped him made him bend over and hold his ankles as I spanked him.
“Turn around lay on the bed I need to teach you a lesson” I told him

Took the belt off that I had on and used that, soon realized it wasn’t thick enough, good thing he was wearing a leather belt before. I used that for a bit but still felt that I wasn’t getting conformation the spanking was taking affect so… I got the long paddle thinking to myself this will work. “All I want is for you to say sorry about making me feel like I don’t matter” finally words of apologies and “I’ll try harder”…”please I’m sorry.”

This was making me feel better but still had to make sure he got the message. I continued with some steady swats at a hard fast pace, loved watching his ass turn from pink to red and hearing him say he would try harder to not be so selfish
“Stand up and go stand in the corner for five more minutes” I told him. While he was waiting I went and got the cane and small paddle, went over grabbed him by his cock, walked him towards the bed sat down and pulled him over my bare lap.

“I need to make sure you understand that your bad behaviour is unacceptable” I picked up the cane gave him 20 swats waited gave him 20 more.

Reminding him again I wasn’t going to tolerate his poor attitude any more, I Picked up the paddle held his arms behind his back clenched him tight between my thighs with the leg lock I paddled his ass till my arm was so tired it hurt.

He did take it well I thought. “Get up and hand me the lotion” I told him, so I slowly massaged his red burning ass with lotion. I could feel his cock against my thigh and see his nice red bottom, gave him a few more swats with my hand, when I realized I forgot to smack his asshole so I did, and I smacked his hard cock against my leg too! Having this control over him is so much fun. I had him lay on the bed as I straddled his face.

Using some lube I started to massage his cock, balls and the space from his balls to his asshole, got everything nice, wet and slippery. Jerking his cock with one hand I slowly inserted my finger in his ass, progressively faster and faster.I watched him cum as I sat on his face rubbing and grinding my pussy till I had an orgasm too! It felt so good I really loved fucking his face, I was impressed at how much and how far his cum went.