Belted for Sleeping In

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My husband decided to sleep in, I wake him up with a hard hand spanking. Then use the belt to make sure he remembers not to sleep in tomorrow.

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Belted for Sleeping In

6 thoughts on “Belted for Sleeping In

  1. good to see that there are households where underperforming husbands are spanked by their loving wifes! There are many husbands who would benefit from this, only few of them get to.

  2. Is there a video of this spanking? Maybe think about as part of his punishment he has to post how he felt the spanking went.

    • The video is available on my clips4sale store. You can click the link below the images to find it.

      Interesting idea I haven’t tried, maybe after the next spanking I’ll have him sit down and write his thoughts about it. Thank you

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