Bent Over The Dining Room Table

My husband quickly realized his ass was going to get more attention then his cock. After a warm up with my bare hand, I got out my leather paddle (which I don’t have any more, I needed to throw it away due to a stain, of blood….oops.) I gave a smack to both cheeks and got his bottom to turn a nice shade of pink, I loved how each smack with the leather paddle made him twitch and wiggle made me wanna keep going.

But I decided he had enough with that and was ready for what he likes to call his favorite, the belt. I love getting a reaction out of him and the belt gives me that. Unfortunately the old belt in this video was difficult to hold and swing because it had this metal buckle, that I would have to wrap around my hand for a better grip and length. Luckily I have upgraded my collection and now have a better selection of belts.

After a few swats with the belt was ready to use the short cane. He has always mentioned a cane so we decided on this small one to test it out, I thought he took it well but I might have taking it easy on him.

6 thoughts on “Bent Over The Dining Room Table

  1. He is very well behaved as not to be moving around. I could not take that myself at all. My love will give 200 swats with a paddle but at a sting level; of 6 7 and some 8s. So it’s a cumulative effect that really gets to me. But I do remember one particular week in our first year together before we were even engaged and she was determined to rid me of my single bachelor’s mouth. I did have a potty mouth. Not any longer. Leastwise not in earshot of her. If she ever got a wind of how the boys talk when alone she would flip her top off I think. But I don’t do it around her because it is offensive to her senses. that is first the reason for curtailing and then the paddle. I’ll post my bottom some 16 plus years ago. I’m surprised no scolding.
    How does one ad a small jpg in a comment thread?

    • I had a potty mouth too and so wanted to be rid of it.
      I got her a couple paddles and asked Her to take care of it. I admitted to Her when there were slips out of Her ear. Several OTK trips and my mouth’s clean, everywhere.
      Periodically, I get the spanking chair out, stand next to it with paddles in hand and She reminds me what happens if old habits return.

  2. Outstanding video. I love your technique with the leather paddle and belt. I can only wish that someday my wife will truly understand why I want to be on the receiving end of punishment spankings. If that day comes, no doubt I will show her you in action so she can get some ideas from a master!

  3. That was a great spanking. I love the position and how you applied the paddle and belt. He took it pretty well. I always tell my husband he has one job and that is to stay in position.

    • Thank you, that is great advice for your husband. You sound like a pretty amazing wife keep it up!

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