Husband Spanked, Paddled, & Strapped

His punishment began when I pulled him into the living room, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his underwear, I spanked his bottom while he stood in the middle of the room, then I instructed him to take his pants and underwear all the way off.

Next I made him bend over, I retrieved my long wooden paddle and started swatting his  bare pink ass, gradually swinging harder.

I then had him kneel down on the floor, I put down the paddle and picked up my black strap, stood over him and gave his little bottom a thorough strapping.

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Spanking Away an Erection

My husband was feeling horny and was bugging me for some attention. I decided that the only attention he was going to get was an OTK spanking.

While he lied across my lap I could feel feel his cock against my legs and as I spanked him, his cock began to get an erection. I can’t understand how his cock gets so hard when I’m spanking his ass really hard and fast.

I decided to have a little fun by teasing him, it felt like a challenge to make his cock go soft and then make it hard again.

When the spanking ended my husband had a soft cock a sore red bottom and I did not allow him to cum.

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Strapped to Tears

My husbands weekly spanking began as I led him over to kneel on the chair with his boxers still on.

I waited for him to get into position before I retrieved my leather strap, this strap has a strip of spring steel inside, this gives a bit of extra sting with each impact and adds a little weight behind it.

I slowly started swatting his covered bottom, he almost immediately started to make whining sounds, after a few minutes I removed his boxers and realized just how much this implement was actually working.

Scolding him for his naughtiness I continued to whack his bright red bottom harder and faster. As he began to whimper, I didn’t let up!

I kept swinging the strap over and over against his bare bottom, while switching to the other side so I could use my back hand swing.

After a few more minutes of thrashing his sorry ass I stopped and had him spend some time in the corner.

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Lazy Husband Spanked

I was feeling aggravated about how he’d been totally unreliable this past week with all his responsibilities, with only his tight white underwear on I guided him over my lap.

With a firm hand I started whacking his bottom for a few minutes, before pulling down his underwear and continuing to spank him vigorously for as long as my hand could take.

I took a short break while scolding him, then continued slapping his red cheeks over and over. I decided I need more than just my hand so that’s when I had him wait so I could retrieve something. This is supposed to be a punishment spanking after all.

I returned with a small wooden hairbrush and whacked his bottom fast and hard with the hairbrush bringing my husband to tears. I sent him to the corner with a very sore and sorry bottom. Hopefully this will keep him off his lazy ass!

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Motivational Spanking

It was early morning when I decided to give my husband his weekly spanking. His attitude towards the family had really rubbed me the wrong way, that’s when I told him to meet me downstairs in the living room for a well needed spanking,

Only using my hand I started slapping each cheek firmly with a little bit of force over his thin boxers. After a minute of continued spanking I stopped and pulled down his boxers.

His bottom already turned pink, I began spanking his bottom again a little harder and faster until it started to sting my hand.

Taking a few short breaks to give my hand a rest and then continuing the spanking until finally I felt satisfied with his rosy red cheeks.

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Husband Strapped Naked

I expected my husband to be ready for his spanking after we spoke about when it was supposed to happen. I gave him another minute and then entered the room.

While he lie naked on the bed, propped up on some pillows with his backside high in the air, I began the spanking with a couple of light whacks to his naked bottom with my leather strap

It only took a few good smacks before I had to take my sweater off and put my hair back, determined to make him pay for not being ready when he was told to be.

I continued to punish his naughty ass with my strap, whacking him over and over switching sides to make sure each cheek was getting the same attention.

At the end I felt satisfied with the results of his rosy cheeks.

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Hairbrush For A Bad Boy

Forced over my knee for a hard hairbrush spanking. I began his weekly spanking with slow light smacks to each covered cheek with my hairbrush.

After a minute into the spanking I removed his boxers and continued to whack each cheek with more force and at a faster pace.

He started to whine and whimper, while I ignored his cries and kept with the steady pace gradually getting faster and harder, not stopping for a second.

I continued to smack his rosy red backside with my hairbrush until I finally ended the spanking with him over one knee with a very sore bottom.

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Wheelbarrow Spanking

His weekly spanking began as I happily whacked his bottom, with him on my lap in the wheelbarrow position I was able to use both hands to smack his ass. After a quick hand warm up, I took out my small leather strap.

I had asked him to get a wooden spoon for the spanking, instead he brought me a leather strap, I was happy about that as I really enjoy using it.

The longer the spanking went on the more I thought about how long I had to wait for him the other day and we ended up being late for something important. 

I decided to make his ass pay for his failure to be on time. I smacked his sorry bottom until my poor leather strap starting falling apart. 

I love spanking him this way he is so exposed and I could feel his cock bang against my pussy every time I swatted him with the strap.

Wish I had a butt plug ready to shove in his sorry ass, I may do this spanking again very soon.

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Quick Hand Spanking

He was horny and I was annoyed by that so I took him over my knee.

I instructed my husband to remove his shirt and pants, and pulled him over my lap while still in his boxers and socks, as the spanking began I was enjoying how the new underwear I bought him felt with every smack against his bottom.

Only a minute into the spanking and he was already wiggling around, that’s when I pulled his boxers down, carefully placed his semi hard penis between my thighs and continued to spank his pink cheeks

I kept going for a few more minutes, swatting his bare bottom firmly while he whimpered and squirmed around on my lap. 

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Spanked and Milked

This spanking began with my husband nicely propped over some pillows on the bed. With his penis exposed I sat beside him and starting slowly smacking each of his bare ass cheeks, spreading his legs widely to grab his testicles and play with them. Smacking and stroking his cock every so often.

I stopped spanking him at one point to just focus on stroking and rubbing his cock and balls. This to me was a way of me letting him know that he’d been very good all week. I went back to slapping each cheek at a fast pace and not the hardest I could smack, it was just enough to where he still stayed hard.

It was enjoyable for me to watch him become so engorged and horny form me smacking his bottom while stroking his cock. Every so often, I would switch between spanking him and begin teasing and jerking him. 

I wasn’t spanking him as hard as I normally would I was still trying to be nice, he was after all a good boy this past week. Finally the spanking ended as I was jerking him off while smacking his ass cheeks and he came onto the towel I had placed under him. Although I did spank his pink bottom a bit more after he had ejaculated.

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