Husband Paddled

As I sat waiting on the couch I called him over, pulling him over my lap I began smacking his bottom firmly while he still had his boxers on.

After a few moments I pulled down his boxers, with his naked little bottom over my lap  I noticed his throbbing hard cock, that made me wanna spank him even harder, so I continued swatting each cheek faster and harder.

Feeling somewhat satisfied with the pink shade of my husbands bottom, I felt that the warm up spanking was over, now it was time for the real spanking. I had him re-position himself, standing while bent over with his hands on the couch, my husband didn’t know what he was about to endure once I pulled out the giant paddle.

I started very slowly with swift hard strikes,  each time he would cry out, I would wait a few seconds and spank him again.It looked to me like the paddle wasn’t hitting both sides of his bottom equally so I moved to the other side and gave another few swats to even it up. With his bottom slightly bruising I decided that he had had enough.

This is a warning for my husband, don’t ever embarrass me again in public or this will happen again! And next time it will be worse!

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Strict Wife Spanks Husband

My husband has been getting lazy this past week, not doing very much around the house and not getting the chores done. I walked him into the room where I had a chair waiting, sat down and pulled him over my lap and began spanking him with his pants still on.

After a minute, I made him stand up and pull down his pants and return over my lap as he took his pants down I noticed he was wearing a belt, I knew I would have to use that later.

I continuing to spank him for a minute, and then pulled down his boxers to expose his little pink bottom. I whacked his bottom steadily with my hand until I felt it was time for the real spanking to begin.

I had him stand up, as I pulled the belt from his pants and told him to bend over the table, I began whipping his bare bottom with the belt.

With each strike from the belt I could see his body tremble and hear his whimpers, I kept strapping his little bum until I thought I made the message clear. I wont put up with a lazy husband.

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Long Firm Hand Spanking

I was in the mood to give a spanking, my husband had no choice but to get over my lap. After getting into position over my lap I began the spanking, starting with his boxers on. I whacked each cheek with my bare hand for a couple minutes.

I pulled down his boxers to reveal his pink bottom with my hand prints, I was impressed even though the spanking just begun. Starting off with a slow steady pace slapping each bare cheek evenly, I quickly re-positioned him for my comfort and continued smacking at a faster pace only stopping for brief moments to give my hand a break.

I felt like I was just getting warmed up, the spanking went on for another 5 minutes of hard firm fast paced smacking. After that my arm was beginning to feel it even though it was satisfying to hear him whimper and to see his red bottom.

I was curious to see how long I could give a hand spanking and also how effective it could be.The spanking ended up being about 9 minutes and I counted over 750 smacks.

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Rectal Temperature & Spanking

My naughty husband tried to get out of going to visit my mother. I was dressed and ready to go, I thought my husband was getting ready, I found him laying in bed claiming he wasn’t feeling well enough to go.

I had a feeling he was going to lie to me about being sick because he did this last time, so I came prepared with my thermometer. He was surprised when I told him I’d be checking his rectal temperature, that’s when I had him turn over and lay on his stomach.

With my husband in position I pulled his boxers down to expose his cute pale bare bottom, I gently inserted the thermometer into his rectum and waited until it was done, of course his temperature was normal.Not shocked by the results I demanded he get over my lap, I began spanking him with hard smacks getting progressively faster.

After a minute of smacking his bare bottom with my hand, I told him to get me the hairbrush. My husband got back over my lap and I began whacking his bright pink bottom with my hairbrush.

I continued to spank him with the hairbrush, not wanting to be late to meet my mom I tried smacking him as hard as I could in as little time possible, we needed to get going.Finally I told him to get up and get ready he was coming with me, whether he wanted to or not.

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Otk Strapping

His weekly spanking began over my lap, I quickly pulled down his boxers and started smacking his bare bottom using my bare hand with hard swats at a fast pace.

His bottom grew completely red in the first minute as I continued to spank him, I feel that my kindness and compassion have let him off easy too many times before.

After the warm up spanking with my hand I started using the strap that I had with me, I wanted to give him a long and deservedly hard strapping.

I began strapping his bottom over and over without slowing down, as he squirmed about on my lap whimpering, his hand reached back I quickly grabbed it and held it against his back firmly. 

Next, I had him stand up and bend over, I continued to strap my naughty husband until he began to cry and I was sure that he was punished.

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Hand Spanking & Birching

My naughty husband was overdue for a spanking, I had decided I would take my time and deliver a long hand spanking with a little surprise for him afterward, I set up a wooden chair in the middle of the room and got comfortable, then called him to over to me.

I made him remove his boxers before he got into position over my lap, as I directed his penis between my legs squeezing his cock to make sure he wouldn’t try moving.The first few swats to his bottom where light smacks, that got progressively faster and harder, within minutes his buttocks started turning bright pink.

I could clearly see what my small hand could do in just a short time. I didn’t let up, I kept spanking his bare bottom at a steady pace, I felt like I was in a competition and I was about to win, I was really enjoying it as you can see by the smile on my face.

After what seemed like 10 minutes to me, it was time for me to get out the surprise I had for my husband, I brought out the bundle of Burch. With him re-positioned bent over the back of the chair, I smacked him lightly the first few times. Then whipped him once, twice and a third time, really hard.

He let out a whimper, I gave him a second, then continued swatting him with the birch bundle.I only used the birch for a few minutes, I didn’t feel comfortable with using it for much longer, it was leaving little cuts on his bottom. His punishment finally ended and I threw the birch bundle out because I really don’t think it was the right type for spanking.

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Wife Spanks Husband for not Listening

My husband was not listening this morning, after I had finally had enough I told him to go to the bedroom, get completely undressed, lie on the bed and wait for me to come and give him a spanking.

Surprisingly, he had done what I asked and was lying naked on the bed, I climbed on the bed beside him and started to smack his bottom with firm hard swats to his cheeks.

After a minute of him squirming around, I got onto his back to pin him down and continued slapping his ass until it was bright red and little white patches started to form.

I got up and retrieved my little wooden paddle and sat at his side and began smacking his bottom with hard strikes until he was whimpering uncontrollably.

I gave him a few seconds to recover then started spanking him again, then I climbed on his back again and continued with the paddling, whacking his sore bottom faster and faster as the spanking went on.

Listening to his whimpering and seeing tears was satisfying.

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Husband asks Wife for a Spanking

Earlier in the day my husband asked for a spanking, at the time I was busy and told him that we would be dealing with this later, I told him to take off his pants and stand in the corner, while I finished up what I was doing.

Starting with his boxers on I smacked each cheek with my bare hand, essentially warming his bottom for what’s to come.

I removed his boxers after a couple minutes and began the real spanking that he had asked me for.I continued the spanking making sure to pay attention to his sit spots, noticing the white spots, I kept on smacking him with a steady pace. 

I enjoyed watching his bottom turn from a pale pink to a deeper and deeper shade of red, In the end he got what he asked for, a good long methodical OTK spanking with my hand for 10 minutes

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Crossed Legs Spanking

I called my husband over to give him the spanking that he deserved. With my legs crossed I had him lie over my lap, raising his butt high into the air. Using my hand I started smacking each cheek beginning with a slow steady pace.

After a few minutes I removed is underwear and continued to spank his red bottom with my bare hand until it started to sting, that’s when I had him pass me the hairbrush.

I took the hairbrush and began to smack his buttocks again, scolding him about how naughty he had been. After a couple of minutes with the hairbrush, I had him whimpering and finally brought him to tears.

This was a requested video. No cuts or editing

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OTK Paddling

He knew I wasn’t playing around when he could see the DWC paddle I was holding in my hand. With his pants still on I put him over my lap and began smacking his bottom with the paddle slowly and lightly.

After a minute, I had him get up and to remove his pants and then get back over my lap and I continued to swat each side of his bum slowly and firmly at a steady pace.

I pulled the underwear up to expose his bare cheeks and tightly held the underwear to keep him in place as the paddling continued.

I had him get up and remove his underwear, to me this is where the real spanking began. I started the same as both other times, methodically spanking him, then re positioned his legs and put him over my lap.

That’s when I increased the pace and intensity, swatting each cheek faster and harder. When I thought he had enough of this slow torturous spanking I told him to get up and go stand in the corner.

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