Come to Bed!

Come to Bed!

I went up to bed a little earlier then usual, he told me be up in fifteen minutes.I joked about timing him saying if he was any longer I’d owe him a spanking.

To be honest I was taking my time and just did my normal bed time routine, when i finished I sat on the bed and took a look at the clock.

After about ten minutes of waiting, I felt earned himself a good spanking.

I waited till I finally heard the noise of his foot steps walking up the stairs and down the hallway towards the bathroom. He sees me right before he enters the bathroom  shocked I’m still awake even more shocked I’m sitting on the edge of the bed waiting for him. (Click Image to view the slideshow)



4 thoughts on “Come to Bed!

  1. Love it — although that might make me come to bed late every night — you might need to break out the paddle next time 😉

    Thanks for the great shots — any chance of a video?

    • Don’t be discouraged. Giving hand spankings more frequent will help. Your hand will get use to it and your arm will strengthen, you can only get better. Practice makes perfect.

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