Husband Spanked in the Nude

As a result of my husbands rude behaviour, I punish him with a severe paddling to his bottom. He’s told to remove his clothing and reminded to move in a quicker manner. I start by giving him a warm up with my bare hand then I retrieve my long paddle.

With a firm grip and strong swings I continually smack his bare ass with my large paddle. I make him bend over, reminding him what happens to rude boys as I spank him thoroughly. After a few minutes of hard swatting while he’s bent over I can hear how it’s starting to take effect but I don’t let up.

After his bottom is looking very bright red and white circles on both cheeks, I tell him to stand back up making sure I didn’t break the skin. I wasn’t ready for the spanking to be over yet so I continued spanking his bottom some more trying to hit faster and with more strength. After a few minutes I was satisfied, I could see bruises already starting. Maybe he’ll think twice about being rude next time?

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3 thoughts on “Husband Spanked in the Nude

  1. What a lucky man! Would love to see an “after” shot of the bruises!

    You should have “rammed” home the lesson with a pegging 😉 Although that may have made it a little too enjoyable for him.

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