My submissive husband

I told him to shave and after inspecting his body I felt a little unsatisfied. Commanding him to get on the bed, “kneel on your hands and knees” His shaving job was good, I just needed to spank him for taking so long to do it.  

I spanked each cheek 20 swats each reminding him ” I like it shaved no hair, keep it like that!”

I had him crawl closer to the end of the bed, led him by the hair to my pussy rubbing and commanding him to lick, suck “finger me please”..

“Get on your back” I shoved my clit in his face and rubbed it as hard as I could telling him “stick your fingers in my holes” his cock throbbing in my face. I was having fun teasing his balls and cock with my tongue and mouth until I was too focused on having a orgasm from my clit being rubbed by his mouth and the pounding of fingers in my ass and pussy.

After feeling satisfied I held his arms down with my legs as I stroked and teased him till he blew a load all over himself.

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