Round Wooden Paddle Spanking

I gave my husband a spanking with my round wooden paddle earlier today. I had him bend over a chair still clothed and started giving him some firm swats on his bottom with my bare hand.  Then I walked away and came back with this nice wooden round paddle that I firmly start smacking his ass with it.

After at least 10 swats to both cheeks I pulled down his pants. He was wearing these cute tight boxers that barely kept his bum in, especially when he was bent over. I noticed his bottom was already turning a nice pink shade as I kept paddling him again and again.

I pulled his boxers down all the way down to his ankles. I continued smacking his ass but to try something new I switched sides, I only spank with my right hand so I tried a right handed back hand swing which wow has him squirm and move around. I had him stand so I could sit on the chair put him over my lap and finish the spanking without him moving. I took these pictures about 4 hours after his spanking. 


2 thoughts on “Round Wooden Paddle Spanking

  1. Well the leather paddle that got blood steals on it and you throw it out. Well if you are only spanking him with it what does it matter if you clean it even with bleach well it only his bum you are using it on. As for belts with big buckles well if you only use it for spanking just cut off the buckle and to hold the belt better use a rubber band to keep the belt together or even tape.

    • Thanks, we did try and clean it however I didn’t like the look after, maybe Your right we should of kept it anyways. I did find this great leather strap that is just a belt with no buckle it works just as well and even better in the otk position.


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