Spanking An erection away

And so it happened, I grabbed his hard cock pulled him over my lap tucked his throbbing cock between my legs squeezing making sure he knows there’s no way he can move without hurting himself. Feeling confident that he wasn’t gonna move I start smacking his bottom with my paddle.  After ten light smacks his bottom turned pink and could already feel his cock was only half hard now, I thought wow it’s not gonna take long before he’s in tears wishing he didn’t just say I should maybe jerk him off or suck it.

6 thoughts on “Spanking An erection away

  1. Yep, that’s what happens. Thinking about being spanked by a woman produces a hard on. Getting spanked by that woman gets it soft in a hurry. But oh what delight getting that Spanking can be!

  2. My (ex) wife always used to play with my penis before a spanking. When it was rock hard she would make me ejaculate. Then she would punish me. Believe you me after I had come there was NO PLEASURE in getting a spanking.

    • He’s always hard until I spank it away. Then he’ll get hard again after I rub his bottom then I’ll spank it away again such a fun game.hehe

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