Spanking & Music

I’m a huge fan of all types of music it has helped get me through some tough times and made some good times even better. So when I found this music video called “Hear My Name” a song by Armand Van Helden it brought a smile and confused look to my face when I first watched it.
The video starts of with this guys outside of a Manson with a paper that says 4:30 on it. Inside the place shows two women sitting on chairs awaiting his arrival in a room. Showing the man her lap she called him over and starts spanking his clothed bottom. Then the maid walks in the room and is called over by the other women and she starts spanking the maid. As the video goes on more and more people are lining up to get spanked. It’s was amazing they just kept spanking ass after ass at one point it showed the women in the video (Mary Louise Platt and Nicole Lambardi) spanking two or three bottoms at a time. I was impressed by the video, great idea made me jealous, very hot sexy video.

I was kinda unsure of writing my thoughts on this music video because of the lyrics and how I found them hard to understand and couldn’t make sense of the meaning behind the words. It would be a dream come true if I could recreate this video. I’d change the lyrics a little and have more realistic and harder spankings.

Song Lyrics

You’ve been through it all
Nothing has to change
Take it all – the pain in me
But what if that’s all there is?
A-a-a-all the way and we would
A-a-a-all the way and we would
Are you all there is in my heart
It does believe that you are – just my age
Here my mind is empty
Oh nobody comes away
Here time is ending
Here I’m gonna stay
Hear my name
Doesn’t anybody want to play
Hear my name
Can anybody find a way
Say my name now baby
Loud and clear
Say my name now baby
Say it so I can hear your voice
All I want to do is get next to you
All I want to do is get next to you
All I want to do is get next to you
Here my mind is empty
Oh nobody…

6 thoughts on “Spanking & Music

  1. This sounds like an awesome video. I’m glad you did share it. I love watching you two in action so very much.
    Hangs head and mumble I would volunteer for the video. Blushes

  2. I have seen this before and had forgotten about it, thanks for bringing it back. I agree that the spankings could have been more vigorous but it was still good, and some were on the underwear.

    Count me as another volunteer.

  3. I like the video but love your idea of enhancing it. More realistic and harder spankings to the beat of music would be very hot; especially by a beautiful woman like yourself who knows what she is doing. You’d have no shortage of volunteers!

  4. Totally agree on kicking up the spanking action. Couldn’t help notice the bare-bottom and thongs had no pink.
    Wonder how her arm, or better yet, how WS’s arm would hold up taking care of that line?

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