A Spanking Before Company Comes Over

I needed to make sure my husband was going to behave tonight while we have some guests over for dinner. So right before their arrival I pulled hubby into the dining room bent him over the chair. I started spanking him over his pants with my hand, telling him to be on his best behaviour or else I will spank him in front of everyone.

I stepped away to retrieve my round paddle. This was my way of really making sure he is a good boy. I spanked him a few times over his pants with the paddle then finally removed his pants spanked him some more with my bare hand then slowly pulled his boxers down to his ankles.Spanked him again with my bare hand then started with the paddle again but this time I paddled him slowly with a firm smack several times getting progressively faster and harder.

After five minutes or so, I told him to stand straight up that’s when I sat on the chair and pulled his arm leading him over my lap. Again I started reminding him of what’s to come if he does not behave while we are entertaining guests at our home. I could hear his soft little whimpering and could tell he was holding back the tears. It was satisfying to hear so I finished his spanking with a hug and told him I loved him.

I Broke My Paddle

I sent my husband to the corner for his regular maintenance spanking, this time I decided to use a chair to have him bend over. Better for keeping him in position and I like to keep him on his toes. I bought this paddle a month or two ago and needed to try it.

I started off slow but firm after a good five minutes I could feel the paddle starting to get weak and just as I suspected one smack then another and that’s when the paddle broke. I picked up the broken paddle thought it could still work, there was enough left for me to hold and keep spanking him. 
So I continued two or three smacks later it broke again, shocked I picked the paddle up determined that I could still use it, I tried again and that’s when the paddle broken for the third time! I just couldn’t believe it. Next time I’ll just have to use something that won’t break. Right?

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Arrested husband gets Spanked 

Still feeling angry about earlier that day when he made a rude comment towards me that made me feel like I didn’t matter, I was ready to make him pay!!

I gave him instructions earlier a time and place to be there or else!

So I dressed up as a cop… waiting in the room, As soon as he entered the room I grabbed his arms forced them against the wall command him to spread his legs. Stripped him made him bend over and hold his ankles as I spanked him.
“Turn around lay on the bed I need to teach you a lesson” I told him

Took the belt off that I had on and used that, soon realized it wasn’t thick enough, good thing he was wearing a leather belt before. I used that for a bit but still felt that I wasn’t getting conformation the spanking was taking affect so… I got the long paddle thinking to myself this will work. “All I want is for you to say sorry about making me feel like I don’t matter” finally words of apologies and “I’ll try harder”…”please I’m sorry.”

This was making me feel better but still had to make sure he got the message. I continued with some steady swats at a hard fast pace, loved watching his ass turn from pink to red and hearing him say he would try harder to not be so selfish
“Stand up and go stand in the corner for five more minutes” I told him. While he was waiting I went and got the cane and small paddle, went over grabbed him by his cock, walked him towards the bed sat down and pulled him over my bare lap.

“I need to make sure you understand that your bad behaviour is unacceptable” I picked up the cane gave him 20 swats waited gave him 20 more.

Reminding him again I wasn’t going to tolerate his poor attitude any more, I Picked up the paddle held his arms behind his back clenched him tight between my thighs with the leg lock I paddled his ass till my arm was so tired it hurt.

He did take it well I thought. “Get up and hand me the lotion” I told him, so I slowly massaged his red burning ass with lotion. I could feel his cock against my thigh and see his nice red bottom, gave him a few more swats with my hand, when I realized I forgot to smack his asshole so I did, and I smacked his hard cock against my leg too! Having this control over him is so much fun. I had him lay on the bed as I straddled his face.

Using some lube I started to massage his cock, balls and the space from his balls to his asshole, got everything nice, wet and slippery. Jerking his cock with one hand I slowly inserted my finger in his ass, progressively faster and faster.I watched him cum as I sat on his face rubbing and grinding my pussy till I had an orgasm too! It felt so good I really loved fucking his face, I was impressed at how much and how far his cum went.


My New Black Leather Paddle

I finally got to test out my new leather paddle. It has pretty good smacking power and left a nice mark after each hit. I was excited about how his bum looked in these underwear I bought for him, and how he’d feel the paddle with them still on.

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I liked how it felt like I was using a small belt in an over the knee position. It was comfortable and easy to swing, I’m already thinking about the next time I get to use it.

Are ping pong paddles a good implement for a spanking?

Unfortunately this particular one did not seem to hold up.

He thought he was being cute by giving my ass a slap when I wasn’t expecting it. After the third random smack on my bottom which really is annoying most times. I pulled him in the room locked it.

Thought perfect time to use this ping pong paddle I picked up awhile ago.I always wanted to try one since seeing a video with one being used. I swatted his bare bottom ten times with both sides of the paddle. Continuing to smack his bare bottom harder and harder each time. 

I stop counting always forget anyways. I like to go with how it feels and most times it’s as if he could take what ever I give him. His ass was nice and pink after a quick five minute spanking. I had him kneel on the floor as I stood over his back and swung with more force after the fourth smack the handle on the paddle snapped.