Visit To A Kinky Market

Went to a kinky market for the first time yesterday. So happy that we were able to go because we missed the last one. There weren’t that many vendors but we still found somethings that we liked, I bought two new toys a leather strap and a tawse both from kgkink. 
Last night I got to test them out a bit on hubbys bottom. I’m very happy with them both so far wow, I really love how the leather strap can make this crisp snapping sound when you snap it. It’s got great force I realized I got a little carried away when he says “thought you were just testing it out” yea, I was enjoying it to much I was supposed to count in my head when I started but I really wanted to keep going. I stopped cause I still needed to test the tawse.
So the tawse I was excited about this one when I heard it was a type they used to use back in the day in school for naughty children. I new we needed to have this in our collection. After A few swats I was smiling ear to ear his bottom couldn’t stay still and every time I gave him another whack I’d hear ouch ,I didn’t wanna stop. This tawse maybe a new favourite of mine.


My New Black Leather Paddle

I finally got to test out my new leather paddle. It has pretty good smacking power and left a nice mark after each hit. I was excited about how his bum looked in these underwear I bought for him, and how he’d feel the paddle with them still on.

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I liked how it felt like I was using a small belt in an over the knee position. It was comfortable and easy to swing, I’m already thinking about the next time I get to use it.

How it all started

It was years ago that my husband brought up spanking, he wanted to spank me. I was a little surprised but we tried it anyway. He spanked me, then I spanked him. They were very light playful spankings, we didn’t really know what we were doing.

I wasn’t to thrilled about being spanked. He however kinda liked it and wanted more. I really didn’t care for it at first, I would spank him but only because he asked me and I would do anything for him even if I really didn’t think it would be a positive thing in our relationship.

I would like to think that I’m open minded and non judgmental but because of past experiences with abuse I couldn’t wrap my head around it at first. I always thought of spanking as abuse, so hearing my husband tell me about his interest in spanking kinda shocked me. Due to my feelings about spanking I didn’t really understand why my husband liked it so much. I didn’t understand why for a long time.

After years of long conversations and spankings, I started to understand that the spanking that he wanted was coming from a loving, caring and nurturing place.

I started reading and learning about spanking and being more dominant. At the time in my life wasn’t feeling very confident about myself and I got more and more into spanking mostly because of the confidence I got and while I spanked him. He was going to listen to me which was something I wasn’t getting from other parts of our relationship.

Today I feel that spanking has helped our relationship. I have become more confident in my life and feel better about myself since I started taking spanking more seriously.