CFNM Hand Spanking

Even though it was a long busy eventful week I still found time to give my husband the spanking that he earned. I had him stand at the wall and wait for me, I called him over and put him over my lap. After giving him a few smacks to his pale ass I had him go stand back at the wall so I could set the camera up.

After setting up the camera I called him back and pulled him over my knee. Carefully placing his cock between my thighs, I started smacking his cheeks slowly and lightly progressively smacking harder and going at a faster pace.

Wanting him to feel more exposed and vulnerable I move his cock from between my thighs and place it on the outside of my leg. I really just wanting to see if he was hard still. I continued slapping each cheek with force switching hands at times to compensate for my good hand that was beginning to get sore.

I knew I need to finish the spanking soon because both my arms where getting sore and both my hands where starting to sting, but I really didn’t wanna stop I was having fun! I took a thirty second break I could tell he was still enjoying the spanking even though it didn’t sound that way.

I continued the spanking anyway I was slapping his bare ass as hard as I could going back and forth with my other hand. At one point I accidentally smacked his balls, I felt bad about that so I only spanked him for a few more minutes after that I had him stand back at the wall.

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Naked Husband Spanked

As I sat comfortably on the bed as had my husband lie over my lap so I could spank his naked pale white ass with my hand.

His cheeks began to turn pink as I spanked him slowly with light smacks to get his bottom warmed up.

I re-positioned him with one leg between mine, making sure to focus some of my attention to spanking his sit spots as I propped his other leg up and spread them to expose his cock and balls.

He was very good taking his spanking only making a few whimpering sounds here and there as I continued to smack his bottom while switching hands every so often to give my arm a short rest, I didn’t stop until his bottom had a rosy pink colour.

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Corner Time & Spanking

I placed him in the corner pants down, boxers at his knees, bare bottom, I left him there telling him to think about his bad behaviour and to wait for his upcoming punishment.

I returned to what I had been doing earlier and after finished up, I got out my naughty stick and placed it on the table nearby him. Annoyed by him ass slapping and grabbing me earlier I started slapping his ass firmly with my hand, slapping him over and over while reminding him of actions.

After leaving him in the corner for five minutes, I came back and began using the naughty stick. Giving him a solid whack, then another and another smacking him swiftly while he started whimper each time I swung.

Next I had him bend over, his bottom was red with spots where the skin was beginning to break. I didn’t stop until he finally came to tears, wishing and hoping the spanking would be over, I left him in the corner again to think about his behaviour.

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Spanked For Not Listening 

I get so aggravated by my husband when he doesn’t pay attention to me when I’m speaking.

It began when he asked me a question about something, we chatted about it and not five minutes passes before he asks me the same exact question again.
First thing that popped up in my head was I’m not repeating myself and I knew just how to make him remember.

I told him to take his shorts off and bend over the ottoman, I got on his back and started spanking him with my hand after a few smacks I started slowly tugging up on his tight undies, a few more smacks and another tug, until I had his underwear pulled up into his butt crack.

I stood up and had him change positions, gave him a few more smacks then removed his underwear. Beginning to spank him with my hand again until I walked over and picked up my leather paddle. With him bent over I whacked his already pink bottom with my paddle over and over, while he whimpered.

Smacking him with my leather paddle had him moving a bit so I decided to end the spanking the same way it began with me on his back holding him down while turning his bottom red with the leather paddle.

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Spanked in the Wheelbarrow position 

My naughty husband got his well needed weekly spanking and this time I decided to use the wheelbarrow position.

Having him in this position worked out great, I liked how easily I could spank his bottom with either of my hands or even both if I wanted and I had a great view of his his cock and balls resting on my lap while I spanked him

I spanked him with my bare hands while he squirmed around on my lap, the sting of the slaps making him inch away slowly from me, until I pull him back into position

Then I finished the spanking using my hairbrush on his little pink bottom, the second camera angle didn’t quite catch as much as I would have liked.

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Husband Spanked by Wife

My husband wanted to have sex but ended up with a sore bottom.

So there I was lying on the bed and he decides to climb on top of me pinning my arms down with his arms, then jokingly pretending he was going to force his cock in my mouth. I wasn’t in the mood for this.
To make it clear, I wasn’t going to let him get away with his naughty behaviour, I demanded that he take all of his clothes off, stand against the wall and wait for a spanking.

I take him over my lap and begin to spank him, while I spank him I can feel that his erection isn’t going away so I re-position his hard cock between my thighs and clinch them together so he can’t get free.

Wanting a better view for myself I re-position him again, over my knee with his legs spread wide and his erection pressed against the outside of my thigh, while I spank his little bum to a nice shade of red.

In the end he’s standing naked against the wall with his cock still hard and leaking pre-cum.

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Spanked for Not Washing the Dishes 

My husband thought he was going to get away with not doing the dishes.

I quickly make him regret that decision by taking him over my knee for a sound spanking.

Using my hand to start and finishing with a wooden spoon.

After his quick spanking I have him do the dishes pants down with a very sore bottom.

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POV Hairbrush Spanking

Here’s a little sneak peek of the last spanking my husband received. After warming his bottom up with my hand I then use a new hairbrush.

“I told you next time I would use the hairbrush.” So here we are. “Time for you to get ready and take you punishment like a good boy.”

“I’m going to take you over my knee and spank your bottom using my hand  before I take out my nice new wooden hairbrush. Be prepared to squirm and whimper as I smack your bare bottom with my hairbrush!”

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Husband Spanked and Teased

My husband thought it would be cute to walk in the bedroom and ask for a “sensual spanking”.Little did he know he’d end up with a sore bottom and his own cum all over his chest. Still wearing my night gown I had him lay across my lap on the bed.

With his cock and balls between my thighs I proceeded to smack each cheek slowly  with semi firmness. I then repositioned his cock and balls so they were exposed and vulnerable.

I teased his cock and balls with my hand rubbing and stroking using the precum as a lubricant. I started spanking him again with firm slow smacks until I had him turn over.

I held his legs up in the air and spanked him some more. Finishing by rubbing my covered pussy on his face till he cummed all over his own chest.

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Spanked For Not Folding The Laundry 

I left my husband with the simple task to fold the laundry, he had washed all the clothes and I was happy that he’d done it with out me having to tell him too!

He however failed to realize how much I can’t stand wrinkled clothing and the fact that the clean clothes had been piled up all around the house for a day now. So I demanded that he fold it all by time I get back from running around getting some errands done that day.

I returned home to find the laundry in the same spot, not even touched. That’s when I had him stand against the wall and wait until I called him over to receive his punishment. I took his pants and underwear down, sat on the chair and pulled him over my lap.


I started with hard bare handed smacks to his bare bottom. I spanked his bottom until my hand just couldn’t anymore. So I had him go stand against the wall again, and went to find my thick wooden DWC paddle. (Disciplinary Wives Club)

I started swatting him slowly but firmly with the wooden paddle. Continuing to whack him harder and faster, I accused him of not folding the laundry on purpose, trying to make him regret his decision either way. I blistered his bottom until I heard him whimper and tell me he’s sorry and will do what I ask of him next time.

After his spanking I watched him fold the laundry with his sore red bottom exposed, it was quite enjoyable.

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