Where we are now

A small follow up to my post

How it all Started

Years ago my husband was brave enough to share his thoughts and feelings about spanking, that was tough for him, and I’ll admit it was difficult for me to hear at the time. It did however lead to a conversation about spanking (and many more). After countless spankings I’ve realized our communication is better then ever. I’m so thankful he opened up to me it has given us a stronger connection together.

The results of these bare bottom spankings have been so wonderful.
My husband is more attentive to my needs than ever, loves to please me in anyway possible whether it’s doing a few chores, drawing me a bath or some special attention, although he does need reminders from time to time.

Honestly I don’t ever see myself not putting my husband over my knee, I may enjoy it more than him at this point.

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