Hairbrush Spanked in the Bedroom

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He was due for a good spanking, I had warned him earlier that day that I’d be giving him a spanking with my hairbrush. After some corner time I called him over, put him over my knee and spanked him with my hand on his boxers and bare ass. After a good warm up I made him hand me the hairbrush, then gave him a good hard spanking with it.

8 thoughts on “Hairbrush Spanked in the Bedroom

  1. Wow just amazing. What a great scene and spanking you delivered to him. He is so flipping lucky to have you. thanks for sharing. Very hot spanking.

  2. So hot! I love that you make him hand you the hairbrush to give him his spanking. So submissive. Does it turn you in when he submits to you in that way??

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