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  1. These are all amazing. Thank you. You are a wonderful couple both so attractive and I love your spanking styles. Thanks

  2. Glad to see your website is up and running. Great pictures and great spanking style. I’m in the same type of relationship with my girlfriend.

  3. Thank you for your site, And so many out there are so very extreme and not at all what we are and that is DD my wife uses spanking for behavioral modification. It has never been in any way a prelude to intimacy in any form. I had to convince her that I believed that some of my behavioral habits that were not healthy or were an embarrassment to her or us etc would be better managed if there were some negative reinforcement with said behavior. She had to pray and come to accept that this power shift would be of benefit. She is a very dedicated church going saved committed spiritual woman and has been 100% since childhood. so you can imagine that the idea of this kind of power shift goes against the “he is the leader of the household” message and her upbringing is very very old school straight biblical design. One other note we were both virgins when we met and so therefor vanilla in all subject matters. 15 years later I just became aware of the fact that there is a whole world out there of DD relationships and I am not a sick perv for needing to be paddled every so often.
    I have told her that there is a part of me that desires a spanking strong female and had never expressed it out of fear of rejection. But let’s be clear I have never acted out so to be paddled. As well she agreed that if that was to start then she would not spank me. So I do get that need met but that is met through maintenance business meetings and even then after it starts I fast regret being bent over. When the time calls for true disciplinary business meetings I dread the thought even. She takes no pleasure in being the spanker, But she does it out of love and commitment to our marriage and helping me be a better man and husband. It’s not exactly an FLR but let’s be honest with a look and tone I am going to be obedient. It’s a power she naturally has an I really do not think she still understands that dynamic in its full suit. I wish she would on occasion just affirm her authority in public. Not a paddling but an occasional ” KEEP IT UP LITTLE MISTER AND WHEN I GET YOU HOME YOU Won’t BE SITTING FOR A WEEK” You know just loud enough for the other ladies around to take note and give her a smile and nod of approval. as well to affirm my submissive heart and this little gesture could go so far to affirming the powershift. Maybe she will stumble on this and take note. And a step further if I am having a manic episode and she warns me that I’m close to being in a ” buisness meeting” if I keep it up and if I don’t stop said bad behavior the take me by the arm into the nearest room away from company and take care of business and then send me out to apologize to her company for my rude behavior. And if the apology is not sincere then without even a second thought take me back to the same room and start again… This kind of empowerment is so so attractive on a strong woman in my mind. It would emediatly garner a huge amount of new respect for her. and her friend would as well have a new respect for her. She thinks it would be embarrassing for her my wife, I’m the one to be embarrassed not her and the friend should simply be told beforehand that “JEFFREY HAS JUST PUSHED ME TO FAR AND THINKING HE COULD GET AWAY WITH ACTING THIS WAY SIMPLY BECAUSE YOU ARE PRESENT AND I AM NOT GOING TO LET HIM GET AWAY WITH THAT, SO I AM GOING TO GO TAN HIS HYDE AND THIS WILL TAKE JUSTA MIN PLEASE DO STAY AS HE WILL OWE YOU A SINCERE APOLOGY IN JUST A FEW MIN. ILL BE BACK IN A MIN PLEASE EXCUSE ME MOM” or whoever is over to the house. I am not ashamed to have it known by her friends that I am a spanked husband and I like the idea that she would be looked up to and respected by her friends that she has the streangth to take her man in hand when need be.

  4. Most wonderful site and Thank you for sharing. We too are a DD couple in Seattle and my Wife does enjoy Her role as Head of Household. I don’t like spankings, but then, I’m not suppose to -Smiles_. Best to everyone.J&S

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